Central Municipal Power Agency/Services (CMPAS – pronounced “compass”) serves as a public power joint action agency providing power management and utility services for its electric utility members and affiliates. As an agent of the Central Minnesota Municipal Power Agency (CMMPA), CMPAS operates as a project-oriented, partial or full-requirements agency.

CMPAS provides a wide range of services including strategic management, long-term power supply planning and procurement, energy market scheduling services, transmission ownership, project development and administration, utility accounting and finance support, and distribution mapping and modeling.

We offer a range of conservation, energy efficiency, and renewable power programs to residents and commercial/industrial customers in our member communities through our customer services division, Central Municipal Power Community Services (CMPCS).

Our Core Beliefs


Utility Optimization

As a power agency and utility services organization, CMPAS works hard to help public power utilities achieve competitively-priced, personalized power portfolios that optimize locally-owned resources and unique load factors in the energy market.


Portfolio Planning

CMPAS believes planning is the most important service we provide to members and affiliates. Typically, CMPAS members’ power supply and transmission portfolio represents 60-70 percent of their utility costs. A well-planned portfolio mitigates electric utility risk through a combination of resource types, cost characteristics, market strategies for energy and capacity, and power and load factor studies.

As a power agency and utility services organization, CMPAS provides information and recommendations so that local utility staff and commissions can maximize customer satisfaction, minimize costs, and protect against uncertainty.

Portfolio Planning Pie Chart

Industry Expertise

CMPAS acquires, retains and develops the necessary industry talent in-house, so our members can focus on local issues. The industry specialists at CMPAS apply their knowledge of best practices for power supply planning and development, energy economics, energy scheduling in the MISO and SPP markets, transmission ownership and management, distribution planning, utility accounting and finance strategies, and government and industry compliance.

CMPAS Team Members Working


Since each public power utility has their own specific set of needs, CMPAS creates custom agreements for our members – no cookie cutter solutions. Utilities can choose to participate with CMPAS as a partial or full-requirements member. Each utility retains ownership of their power portfolio and remains autonomous as they receive critical information to make well-informed decisions from the CMPAS team.

Project Based

Markedly different than an “all in” full requirements agency, utilities in a project agency such as CMPAS can belong as either full or partial requirements members and do not have to participate in any projects. Each CMPAS member owns a distinct local power portfolio comprising legacy resources, assets, and other characteristics to meet the needs of their load profile.

CMPAS provides planning services to help members and affiliates gain a greater understanding of their power portfolio’s inherent risks and cost drivers. Based on a utility’s preference, CMPAS provides management services for existing portfolios and project development for new needs.

CMPAS Project Components Graph


Through collaboration and economies of scale, CMPAS leverages purchasing power that increases access to opportunities. These opportunities have allowed CMPAS to achieve competitive rates and a 47 percent carbon-free portfolio.

The cost-sharing capability of the project-oriented business model makes agency-sponsored projects more competitive. Through collaborative partnerships, CMPAS lowers the cost of project planning, development, and management services that leads to competitive rates.

2019 wholesale power portfolios


CMPAS works hard to help utilities achieve competitively-priced, individualized portfolios that optimize locally-owned resources and unique load factors. At CMPAS, members and affiliates share costs for professional expertise related to power supply, transmission, energy market, and distribution projects in every phase from planning, development, and management.

CMPAS’s resource planning and procurement efforts over the last 10 years have produced some of the lowest public power costs in the region. As the Agency built significant diversity into its portfolio, it successfully reduced wholesale costs from the upper 25 percentile in the region to the lower 25.

Wholesale Power Costs Chart

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