Glencoe’s Reliable Renewable Energy Source20200114080503

Glencoe’s Reliable Renewable Energy Source

CMPASJanuary 14, 2020Services
“Landfill gas generation is an under appreciated renewable resource,” Glencoe Light and Power General Manager David Meyer said during a tour of the Spruce Ridge Methane G...
CMPAS Utilities Offering NOVA Power Portal™ for Distributed Interconnection Customers20191203114515

CMPAS Utilities Offering NOVA Power Portal™ for Distributed Interconnection Customers

CMPASDecember 3, 2019Industry News, Services
Working with Star Energy Services, a utility-based consulting firm, CMPAS utilities are providing their customers with an online application to submit information regardi...
New Website & Info on Wind Contract20191009153024

New Website & Info on Wind Contract

CMPASOctober 9, 2019Industry News, Services
CMPAS recently unveiled a reorganization and refresh of its website, along with a new address: Please visit and explore our site. We hope you will enjoy discov...
Mountain Lake Digitizes Its Network20190817013814

Mountain Lake Digitizes Its Network

CMPASAugust 17, 2019Services
As a power agency, CMPAS offers far more than competitive wholesale power and transmission contract procurement, development, and management. We also help members with di...
How Electric System Mapping Helped the Water Utility20190814182551

How Electric System Mapping Helped the Water Utility

CMPASAugust 14, 2019Services
“Electric reliability is an important selling point when we speak with manufacturers who are considering building a facility in Mountain Lake,” commented Michael Schulte,...
CMPAS Unveils CMPCS.org20190801224746

CMPAS Unveils

CMPASAugust 1, 2019Services
Central Municipal Power Community Services Website for Cost-Saving, Green Energy, and Payment Assistance Programs CMPAS members have an additional online tool that gives ...
Providing Personalized Utility Services20170208132547

Providing Personalized Utility Services

CMPASFebruary 8, 2017Services
Since CMPAS’s founding 30 years ago, members told us they wanted and needed a partner that would provide them with customized services. Our members were wary of being loc...