CMPAS Utilities Offering NOVA Power Portal™ for Distributed Interconnection Customers

Working with Star Energy Services, a utility-based consulting firm, CMPAS utilities are providing their customers with an online application to submit information regarding their intention to interconnect customer-owned generation. Known as the NOVA Power Portal™, the online tool will ease the process for utilities to track and respond to requests, and customers will be guided through the automated steps. The comprehensive portal serves as a convenient and secure tool that also allows for the collection of electronic signatures and online application fees.

CMPAS helped utilities set up the software and has links available on the CMPCS, customer services website, and the CMPAS, utility services website. Customers will also have the ability to access the portal from the local utility website.

An added bonus of using the NOVA Power Portal™ is the ability to stay in compliance with reporting requirements to the State of MN regarding distributed energy resource inquiries locally.