New Website & Info on Wind Contract

CMPAS recently unveiled a reorganization and refresh of its website, along with a new address: Please visit and explore our site. We hope you will enjoy discovering how our projects and services holistically work to strengthen local utility infrastructure and each utility’s financial position.

As part of the agency services section, case studies bring our services to life, including one about our most recent process for power procurement. This process involved a power supply coalition and request for proposals (RFPs) that led to a long-term, 5 x 16 seasonal wind contract for many of our members. Through the detailed work of CMPAS’s Kyle Haemig and others, participants received highly competitive bids involving many innovative wind products and wind generation resource options. At the end of the analysis and negotiations, some participants signed a purchase agreement. For those that did not participate, they came away from the process with a better understanding of their entire power supply portfolio and information on alternative scenarios that they should consider in the future.

The corresponding results speak for themselves – CMPAS members’ wholesale power costs are the lowest in the state and have been for some time.

More details about the RFP are highlighted in the case study here.