CMPAS Unveils

Central Municipal Power Community Services Website for Cost-Saving, Green Energy, and Payment Assistance Programs

CMPAS members have an additional online tool that gives their retail customers ready access to information regarding programs offered by their electric utility. From R4 Solar and distributed resource interconnections to appliance rebates, proactively answers questions customers seek.

As you explore the website, you might especially enjoy the case studies on how CMPAS utilities use energy efficiency as a tool for economic development such as Windom Municipal Utility’s work with the local Toro plant. As Steve Nasby, Windom city administrator emphasized, “Economic development is not a question of ‘either/or’ – either you attract new businesses or expand existing businesses. Instead, it’s more of a ‘both/and’ situation: We need to work hard to bring in new businesses while doing everything we can to keep existing businesses operating.”

CMPAS strongly believes that conducting energy efficiency projects for existing businesses is a great way to preserve ongoing local economic development.