CMPAS Has Never Said, You Have To Do This

Randy Eggert has been a dedicated CMPAS Board Director when he was promoted to electric superintendent at Kenyon Municipal Utilities (KMU) in 2000.

At the time he joined KMU as an electric linemen, the city was a full-requirements customer of Northern States Power (NSP). When KMU’s NSP contracts expired in the early 1990s, the utility joined CMPAS for power supply planning and procurement of energy and capacity. Since then, CMPAS has guided KMU through the introduction of wholesale energy markets, formation of the Midwest Independent System Operator (MISO) and transmission ownership.

“Kenyon’s electric department consists of four employees. If we didn’t have CMPAS handling critical tasks, such as energy scheduling, procurement, and transmission filings, we’d have to hire someone to do it,” he said.

“We also really like having options, which we didn’t have when we were a full-requirements customer of NSP. I like to go to my board with options, and they appreciate that too. CMPAS has never said, ‘You have to do this.’

“Having CMPAS present its members with customized resource portfolio recommendations and then scheduling our power deliveries are huge benefits for a small city like Kenyon,” Randy concluded.