Individual Portfolios — RFPs and BIDS20200909142043

Individual Portfolios — RFPs and BIDS

CMPASSeptember 9, 2020Industry Knowledge, Services
Our members feel strongly about choice and optionality. They don’t want to be locked into inflexible long-term contracts where they are required to take power whether the...
Announcing Our New Interim CEO20200903144617

Announcing Our New Interim CEO

CMPASSeptember 3, 2020Press Release
Press Release: Christopher Kopel, CEO of the Central Municipal Power Agency and Services, is leaving the Agency. Mr. Kopel has been employed at CMPAS since 2013, serving ...
Economic Development: Fairfax and Kenyon Move Forward20200811060514

Economic Development: Fairfax and Kenyon Move Forward

When the Fairfax share of the CMPAS member refunds were distributed in 2019, Nicholas Johnson, Fairfax’s City Administrator, put those funds right to work improving his c...
Kenyon Upgrades its Relays20200714064535

Kenyon Upgrades its Relays

Alex Martin and Vignesh Subramanian helped Kenyon Municipal Utilities (KMU) in its drive to digitize their electric system. In 2019, KMU replaced five substation relays a...
Kasson Strategically Positions its Portfolio20200609061559

Kasson Strategically Positions its Portfolio

Kasson went through a transitional 2019 when openings for a city administrator and an electric superintendent occurred at the same time. According to Nancy Zaworski, Fina...
CMMPA 2019 Annual Report Highlights20200514110159

CMMPA 2019 Annual Report Highlights

CMPASMay 14, 2020Industry News
The Central Minnesota Municipal Power Agency (CMMPA) and its utility service agent, Central Municipal Power Agency/Services (CMPAS) continue to provide member-driven, cus...
Electric System Planning and a Community’s Well-Being20200420081518

Electric System Planning and a Community’s Well-Being

CMPASApril 20, 2020Industry News, Services
Vignesh Subramanian, CMPAS systems engineer supervisor, records information from Janesville Public Utilities’ feeder panels for System Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA...