Providing Personalized Utility Services

Since CMPAS’s founding 30 years ago, members told us they wanted and needed a partner that would provide them with customized services. Our members were wary of being locked into inflexible, “one size fits all” contracts with an all- requirements joint action agency.

“Providing personalized services” has been our watchword since the beginning. In 2017, we delivered on that promise in several ways:

Managed cost-of-service studies for four members to help them understand their actual costs in case they needed to adjust their prices.

Assessed the costs and payback for a proposed refurbishment of a hydroelectric generator at Granite Falls.

Developed resource plans for ten members so they could select their portfolio of generating and non- generating resources to meet their communities’ needs and expectations.

Solicited competitive bids and analyzed request for proposals (RFPs) for our community solar program, and helped members market the program as R4 Solar.

By working individually with each member, we can gain a better understanding of their specific needs, wants, and preferences. Today, being nimble has replaced being big as a determinant of success in the power market.

“As the cost of renewables continues to decline, and electricity storage projects start to pencil out, we’re going to see a lot more changes in the business,” said Kyle Haemig, CMPAS’s economist and resource planner. “Electric vehicles could become not only a means of transportation but also a type of electricity storage.”

Legacy rules of the power system no longer apply. That’s why Kyle and his colleagues are deeply involved in power procurement and power economics. The days of “set it and forget it” are gone. CMPAS works hard to help utility managers, commissions, and councils make the best decisions possible for their city.