Risk Analysis

By working individually with each member utility, we gain a better understanding of their specific needs, wants and challenges. Today, being prepared and nimble is more important than being big to find success and mitigate risk in the power market.

Since CMPAS’s founding 30 years ago, members told us they wanted and needed a partner that would provide them with customized power contracts and services. Our members were wary of being locked into inflexible, “one size fits all” contracts with an all-requirements joint action agency. “Providing personalized services” has been our watchword as our team of analysts and economists conduct individualized analyses to ensure our utilities are ready and prepared for risk factors related to natural gas prices, energy markets, capacity prices, carbon risk, and government mandates.

CMPAS’s team of analysts and economists execute analyses to analyze risk in a number of different ways, including:

Managing members’ cost-of-service studies to help them understand their actual costs and impact on rates
Soliciting bids and analyzing RFPs involving unique power projects such R4 Solar, the community solar program launched in 2017
Assessing the costs and payback of local generation, including refurbishing existing power plants, such as the Granite Falls hydroelectric generator

Wholesale Power Portfolios

Wind-Shape Product Manages Risks While Meeting Environmental Requirements