Market Analysis

Given the volumes of electricity necessary to power a city, operating efficiently in the MISO & SPP markets allows CMPAS to pass along better bottom line results to public power utilities. As a market participant and load serving entity, CMPAS interfaces with the Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO) and Southwest Power Pool (SPP) markets every day, gaining real-time knowledge of market conditions to favorably position utilities to manage market risk.

The CMPAS energy services team stays up to date with the highly-mechanized, centrally-administered regional transmission organization (RTO) marketplaces that are governed by thousands of pages of complex rules. Based on historical and daily knowledge of the power markets, the CMPAS team offers utilities valuable analyses and recommendations to manage risk and maximize a utility’s resources.

In addition to real-time market monitoring, we also help utilities:

Evaluate RFP responses for the purchase and sale of energy
Optimize market purchases for time of day, week, or season
Maximize profits from excess capacity of energy sales in the MISO and SPP markets

If your utility seeks power market expertise with regional transmission organizations, contact CMPAS.

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