Load Forecasting

From the unique to the mundane, CMPAS works individually with utilities to customize portfolios to address their local circumstances. Load, capacity, price forecasts, and RFP evaluations provide key insight into “build vs. buy” decisions. All of these forecasting activities help utilities plan for their future.

Short-term Load ForecastingCMPAS uses a neural network forecasting tool called Nostradamus. CMPAS uses the results of this software to forecast the hourly load to schedule in the MISO Energy market each day. In compliance with MISO requirements, CMPAS submits a seven-day hourly load forecast. CMPAS also uses forecasting software to schedule utilities’ hourly load in the MISO Energy market each day.
Long-term Load ForecastingCMPAS forecasts long-term load for MISO capacity purposes and to determine the need for long-term power supply contracts. Applying well-executed statistical methods to economic data and problems allow us to respond to the market and to make adjustments for the weather and economy.
Power Market ForecastingCMPAS has forecasts for many items relevant to purchasing long-term power supply contracts. Our methods do not rely on “one big model”. Instead, we help our members understand how changing markets mean new ways of thinking about power supply decisions.

Glencoe Seasonal Load and Local Renewable Resource