Administration & Management

Legacy rules of the power system no longer apply, and the days of ‘set it and forget it’ are done. To operate strategically in the ever-evolving power industry, CMPAS works diligently to provide administrative and management support to our members.

By operating as their ‘outsourced energy team’, our utilities are able to avoid the costs of adding additional staff. In smaller communities every dollar matters, so a partnership with CMPAS creates efficiency for our members by allowing them to outsource activities related to the administration and management of their power portfolio, including:

The way CMPAS’ leadership and staff have placed members needs at the center of everything they do makes us feel fantastic.

Joel Grejtak, Fairfax

Transmission support
Power supply support
Legislative and Industry Monitoring
Regulatory monitoring and compliance
Contract management and enforcement
Legal support
Power project meeting representation
MISO technical support
Asset optimization analyses
Cost-of-service studies