Agency Services

At CMPAS we believe that planning is the most important element of our projects and services. With a well-planned portfolio in hand, CMPAS utilities know they are strategically positioned to deliver price-competitive electricity to their customers. Applying a wholistic view of your power supply, transmission and distribution needs allows us to optimize your portfolio – so you’ll always know where you’re going with CMPAS.

As a strategic partner and advisor to municipal utilities, we provide expertise and consulting in the areas of Portfolio Development, Portfolio Management and Portfolio Operations.

Portfolio Development

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Resource PlanningCMPAS conducts critical, comprehensive planning studies for each utility to determine the optimal mix of resources to meet their power needs while minimizing costs.Learn More
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Load ForecastingCMPAS provides short-term and long-term load forecasting along with natural gas and MISO market forecasting to develop comprehensive, accurate plans and to aid in build vs. buy decisions.Learn More
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Risk AnalysisCMPAS mitigates risk in members’ portfolios through a combination of resource types with differing size and cost characteristics and by analyzing the potential impact of outside risk factors.Learn More
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ProcurementCMPAS delivers competitive and diversified power contracts that bring price stability, supplies local demands, and optimizes each utility’s existing resource mix.Learn More

Portfolio Management & Administration

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Transmission SupportRegistered as a Midcontinent Independent System Operator Transmission Owner (MISO TO), CMPAS acts as the designated agent for our members.Learn More
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Energy EfficiencyWe provide programs and resources to our member utilities that help them keep costs low for community residents and keep businesses operating competitively.Learn More
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Distribution ServicesOur cutting-edge software solutions allow utilities to visualize in real time the operation of their distribution systems and see how well they are operating.Learn More
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Administrative & ManagementLegacy rules of the power system no longer apply, and the days of “set and forget it” are done. We’re happy to ‘cross all the T’s and dot all the I’s” for our utility partners.Learn More

Portfolio Operations

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Energy Market SchedulingOur mantra is ‘low cost, low risk, low volatility’, so we are always looking for ways to save on the price of each unit of power, so those savings can be passed to our utilities and their customers.Learn More
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Market AnalysisBy interfacing with the energy markets every day, CMPAS has real-time knowledge of market conditions that favorably positions us – and our member utilities – to manage market risk.Learn More
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Short-Term Purchases & SalesOur approach to energy planning and procurement is to always balance short-term opportunities with long-term cost stability for our utilities.Learn More
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Transmission OwnershipThe best long-term hedge against increasing transmission rates is transmission ownership; which is why CMPAS take a leading role in the development of power pathways in the Upper Midwest.Learn More